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Service User Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement

The Service will conform to both State and Commonwealth privacy legislation requirements regarding the collection, use and protection of personal information of our Service Users and Team Members.


Coast and Country Community Services Ltd provides services for those frail, aged and people with a disability in our community who are eligible to use our service. In providing that service we need to collect information from our Service Users and Team Members. You should be aware that we are required to abide by the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 when collecting information from you, including:

  • Type of information collected;
  • How we protect the information collected;
  • and How the information is used by the Service.

We are also required to ensure that you have the opportunity to see the information you have given, amend it when necessary, and to take action if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our information management.

All of these requirements are included in the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) that form part of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.


This policy statement provides you with advice on the procedures we follow to ensure Coast and Country Community Services Ltd. meets all of the APP requirements in dealing with the information provided by you.

Collecting Information

We will only collect information, including personal and/or sensitive information, which is directly relevant and necessary using lawful purposes. We will only collect information directly from you, or a person or organisation that you authorise to provide us with your information. We respect your right to limit the information that you provide to the Service, including the right to not identify yourself or to use a pseudonym.

We will let you know the purpose of collecting information and how you can check the information to update it or confirm that it is still relevant. We will regularly review your information with you to ensure that it is accurate.

Should we receive unsolicited information about you, from any source other than yourself, you will be advised. We will ask for your consent to the Service’s retention of the information. If you do not give your consent, we will destroy the information.

Protecting Your Information

We will only share your information with other Team Members who need the information to perform their duties at Coast and Country Community Service Ltd, and we will ensure that all Team Members at Coast and Country Community Service Ltd are trained in the procedures for protecting your information.

At present we do not share your information with any overseas organisation or person. Should we be required to do so, we will first seek to ensure that the person or organisation meets the requirements of the APP. Only when we are satisfied that the requirements have been met will we seek your agreement to the provision of any information.

We ensure that our records are protected by appropriate electronic and physical security measures and are only accessed by trained and authorised personnel.

We will only disclose your information to other persons or organisations if:

  • they meet the requirements of the Privacy Act for protection of personal information, and the information is required to enable delivery of Service to you, or
  • we are required by law to do so.

We do not normally use personal information for direct marketing of our services. If we should plan to do so, we will seek your approval before using any of your information in direct marketing.

Using Your Information

Service Users

If you are a Service User of Coast and Country Community Services Ltd we will only use the information you provide us to determine your eligibility to use the Service, to ensure that our service is tailored to meet your needs, and, with your permission, provide statistical information in coded format to our Funding Body for reporting purposes.

Accessing, Updating or Correcting Your Information

To provide the best possible service to our clients, we need information that is current and accurate. You are encouraged to advise us if your circumstances change or if you believe the information we hold is not accurate.

Occasionally you may need to access your information, either verbally or physically, to confirm it reflects your current circumstances. For physical access, we will require that you make a formal application to the Service and provide identification to ensure your privacy is not compromised. You may also authorise someone else to have access to your personal information. The authorisation must be in writing, and the authorised person will be required to provide photo identification before viewing any of your records.

If the information we hold is incorrect, or you provide us with updated information, we will undertake to update our records. With your agreement, we also undertake to notify those persons or organisations that we have previously provided with your personal information.

You should be aware that there are some circumstances in which we may refuse to provide access to some of your information. Should we decide not to grant access, you will be advised, in writing, of the reasons for the refusal.